Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Telling the story of Jesus' baptism: Printable cards and fuzzy felt

I've found it hard to track down a little story book that only tells the story of Jesus' baptism, so I've made some simple story cards that use accessible language...
For children who don't read yet, it's really interesting to see if they can suggest what the pictures are showing before you actually tell the story.  Sometimes they have very interesting ideas formed from what they already know of the character of Jesus! Click here to print out the cards. 

This weekend, I used the cards in conjunction with some fuzzy felt and it was fascinating to watch the children initially take the pieces to act out the story of Jesus walking on the water because this was a story they already knew and identified with Jesus and water!  Fuzzy felt is a great way for children to retell a story they have heard because it's easy to use and cheap and easy to make.  Just back a board with felt and cut out your own felt shapes to stick on!

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