Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Prayer Spinner

Sometimes when we are praying, it is incredibly helpful to symbolically give over our prayers to God- to let go and trust them to Him.  This is a colourful and kinesthetic way to help children to do this...

You will need: circles of card (one for each child), colouring pens, string, small sticky dots.  Stick a pen or pencil through the middle of the circle to make a hole.

Encourage children to decorate their circle of card, maybe using colour to represent things they might want to pray about e.g. a different colour for each person or thing (world, self, others, healing) or to express something they know about God's character.  Let them be creative!

 Next, ask children to place a sticky dot on their circle for each person or thing they are praying for.  Let them pray out loud or in their heads.  Talk about giving our prayers to God and trusting that He will deal with them.  Sometimes this is especially helpful when we pray about something we are worried about.
Thread a string through the hole and hold tightly to each end.  Give a wrist flick and the circle should start to spin on the string. The colour prayers will all blend together as the circle spins and children can picture leaving those prayers with God.  

This activity can be repeated for future prayers- just add more dots to the circle!  It might also be a great prompt to speak about answered prayers from previous spins.

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