Saturday, 27 September 2014

DIY Foil Finger Labyrinths

Finger labyrinths have been really popular on Flame for a while, so I thought I'd post another way of making them. This is a very tactile version, very easy to make, and allows children the chance to make their own wandering line!  The labyrinths would work really well as a craft activity for any Bible story that involves a journey e.g. The Exodus, Joshua.

You will need: Paper plates, pencils, foil, glue (PVA works best)

Get children to draw a spiral on the paper plate- start in the middle and work outwards but take the line on a wander if you want to!
 Next, cut pieces of tin foil and roll them into thin sausage shapes.
Glue the foil sausages to the spiral on the plate.  If using PVA you will need to wait a while for the glue to dry!
Children can now use the labyrinths as prayer tools, either as a way of using something tactile as they reflect or, more specifically to think and pray about life journeys (see below)

Talk about:
How does it feel to go on a journey? What do you need?
How can life be like a journey?  
Who journeys with you? Who do you journey with?
Does God journey with you?  How?

Give children the chance to spend time in silence, thinking about their life journey or the life journeys of people they know.  As they follow the foil line with their finger, encourage them to talk to God about their lives and how He might be with them on the journey. 

A version of this activity appears in the current edition of Premier Children's Work Magazine.  Check it out!

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