Sunday, 21 September 2014

Exploring the story of Ruth with 3-5s

As a previous post has looked at ways of exploring the story of Ruth with older children, I thought it was only fair to see how younger children might explore it through playful ideas!

This is a great children's Bible with a good retelling of the story:
As the children play, use the time to chat to them about what they've heard in the story...

Explore themes of community and sticking together with the people we love using jigsaws and lego or duplo

 Think about family, people we love and people who care for us with a collection of hearts
 Think about journeys with old maps (and toy cars!) and act out the story with peg people
 Make a game of collecting buttons to act out Ruth gleaning the wheat
Use this craft to continue exploring the idea of people we love and God loving and providing for us.

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