Thursday, 29 January 2015

Psalm 23: Overflowing Cup Craft and Prayer

Verse 5 speaks about the overflowing cup that God gives and this craft is a way of exploring and thanking God for His many gifts.  Each creation will be unique!

You will need: plastic or paper cups, strips of paper, buttons, sequins, glue, scissors, other collage items.
Let each child decorate strips of paper with words, pictures or items that represent things that they would like to thank God for.  This might include people, places, natural objects, possessions- let imagination run free.  Glue or sellotape one end of each paper strip to the inside of the cup and let the strip ‘overflow’ out of the cup.   Allow time for the children to share their creations with each other and to celebrate God’s gifts!

Prayer: set a tall cup or glass inside a clear plastic mixing bowl and slowly fill it with water.  Children can take it in turns to pour a little water into the cup and to say one thing that they would like to thank God for.  Watch as the cup starts to overflow as a symbol of the many gifts God gives to us.

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