Thursday, 5 February 2015

Psalm 23: Comfort Collage for Under 5s

It's very difficult to get away from sheep when you're thinking about Psalm 23!

This idea for younger children explores the idea of the comfort God the Shepherd can bring in a slightly different and more open-ended way.

You will need: PVA (white) glue, glue spreaders, paper (either individual sheets for each child or a large piece for a group project), soft items such as wool, cotton wool, ribbon, pom poms, chenille pipe-cleaners, tissue paper.

Talk to children about God the Shepherd who guides his sheep, taking them to peaceful, restful places and protecting them through hard times.

Feel the soft items and think about how soft things can often be very comforting.

Encourage children to use the soft items to make a 'comfort' collage.  There is no planned finished product in this craft- just let the children use thier imagination and use the time to chat to them about what it feels like to be comfortable and safe and share any times when God has comforted you!

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