Sunday, 17 May 2015

Exploring stories with 0-5s: Jesus feeds the 5000

We had a great time exploring this story this morning!  There was a group of children aged from 1-3 with their parents joining in as well.  We had a lot of play and popcorn too!

Here's how we explored the story...

Telling the story with props (felt bread and fish that took me about an hour to sew but can be used for so much in the future!)

Making popcorn to show how a very little, with the right help...
 ...can go a long way!
The children really loved watching the popcorn pop into the bowl and were very patient.  We then shared the popcorn out and ate it together, sitting on the floor like the people Jesus fed.

Free play with toy food, plates and utensils
playdough with plates, knives, forks and cups

Magnetic thank you prayers for the things God gives us.

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