Saturday 9 May 2015

More Praying with Lego: Lego Prayer Station

If you have lots of bits of lego lying around then this prayer activity is for you!

This way of praying involves lots of colour and touch so it's great for visal and kinesthetic learners...

You will need: A lego baseboard, lego bricks, lego people, lego accessories of any and every kind!

Make a cross shape on the baseboard using some bricks to symbolise bringing your prayers to Jesus.

Use bricks to pray! Here are some ideas:

  • Use different colours to represent different types of prayer e.g. sorry, thank you, healing. 
  • Use colours to pray for different people or places
  • Use accessories to pray e.g. flowers as thanks for nature
  • build bricks on top of each other to pray for groups or families
Do this over a period of time, either in a family, on your own or as a prayer station.  See how long it takes to fill the cross with prayer!

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