Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Printable Reflective Worship Colouring Sheet: Psalm 150

Here is the reflective colouring sheet we used in our 'worship' based Messy Church this month.  It really fitted in with the celebration and both adults and children made use of it during the afternoon.

Click here to find and print the PDF.  Have fun colouring!


  1. Love it, thanks Mina! I'm going to use this as we sing tonight :)

  2. Mina is it ok to print and give your free printables to my Bible Journaling class? There are 25 people. We would put them in our bibles. Sometimes we post our work after we finish on social media. We would be sure to credit you with the design of course.

  3. hello - we are using some of the reflective colouring at our holiday club this week - they ( and whole site here) are great - many thanks!!