Thursday, 19 November 2015

Posada! Getting ready for Mary and Joseph's Advent Journey

We are very excited at the moment as we are getting ready for our first Parish posada!

Posada is a tradition that started in Mexico with people dressing up as Mary and Joseph and visiting a different house in the village every night during Advent.  We aren't sending people, but little dolls instead!

I've made two figures out of plastic cups. ping pong balls and felt and they are going to travel around the parish during Advent, being passed from home to home.  Some people are taking them to work, others are taking them to school, to Christmas parties, to local cafes and they're even coming to beer and carols!  

It's all about offering hospitality to Mary and Joseph as they make their journey, so when they arrive in each place there is a special welcoming prayer to say, a carol to sing and then the chance to have a little party with neighbours.  Mary and Joseph travel around with a little bag containing a Nativity storybook, an Advent Journey game, colouring pages and play dough mats, so there are lots of things for children to do when Mary and Joseph come to visit!

Our Posada has a Facebook page, so have a look and follow their journey this Advent!

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