Thursday, 26 November 2015

Easy Nativity Discovery Box for Under 5s

We're having a Nativity Activity day on Saturday and I'm busy getting things ready!  Here's something we're going to use to help the younger children to explore and play with the Nativity story: a discovery box full of items connected to the story and friendly for smaller hands.

It's very easy to put together.  I got a big cardboard box, shredded some yellow paper and then put some Nativity themed items inside.  Here's what's in the box...
  • Wooden nativity character decorations
  • felt stars
  • wooden hearts
  • a fabric heart
  • a wooden cross
  • a wooden dove
  • a battery operated candle
  • three small gift boxes
  • some coconut shells (to make animal hoof noises!)
  • a glittery discovery bottle to help children connect with the awe and wonder of Jesus' birth
Looking forward to playing!


  1. This looks lovely Mina. Will you just let the children explore it or do a guided session with them? *

    1. Could do either but tomorrow it will just be exploring- hopefully with parents! Will be interested to see how it goes :-)