Friday, 4 December 2015

DIY Nativity Christmas Card Snow Globes!

This is a lovely way to use up some Nativity style Christmas cards or to make us of Nativity themed pictures that children have drawn!  Every time the children play with the snow globe, it will remind them of part of the Christmas story.

You will need: A clean jam jar and lid (labels removed), sticky dots or strong glue, glitter (the finer the flakes of the glitter the better as bigger glitter flakes can clump- I used white for a more snowy effect), a laminated piece of Nativity related Christmas card that will fit inside the jam jar, water, glycerine (optional)

Laminate your piece of Christmas card and leave a border at the bottom that you can bend to make a 'stand'.  Because I was curving my picture, I also cut a slit in the stand to help it curve round.  Stick glue dots or strong glue on the bottom of the stand piece.

 Sick the card onto the lid (about the middle of the lid works quite well rather than right at the edge).
 Put a teaspoon of glitter at the bottom of the jar, add water and a teaspoon of glycerine (optional).  Mix together.  Leave a little margin of space at the top of the jar so it is not completely filled with water.
 Screw the jar lid on.  If you're going to glue it in place, wait until you've had a trial run!
 Shake the jar and watch the snow fall!

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