Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Body of Christ Cotton Bud (Q-Tip) Painting

This craft will give children the chance to creatively and visually reflect on the make up of the body of Christ- different people with different gifts but belonging to the same Christian family and working together for Jesus.  Plus it involves paint and that's always good!  This probably works best after some discussion of 1 Corinthians 12: 12-27. 

You will need: cotton buds, card or paper, paint 

Cut the card or paper into a cross shape or  faintly draw a cross shape on the page. Ask children to dip their cotton buds into the paint and make dots of colour to cover the cross shape. You will need lots of cotton buds so that colours don’t accidentally mixed together!  Children can use colours and patterns that reflect themselves and the personalities of other Christians that they know.

Think about:
How many parts of the human body can you name?  What jobs do they do?  How are they different from each other? Are there any we don't need?
Which parts of the body can't you see?  Do you know what they do?
Think about the different people in your family and the different personalities and gifts they bring even though they are one family unit.

What different things do Christians do to show they belong to Jesus and the Christian family? In church? At home? At work/ school?
What could you do to show you are part of the Christian family?  What gifts do you think that God has given you?

Look at all the different coloured dots on your painting and thank God for all the different people who are doing different things but working together for Jesus

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