Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Jesus turns water into wine: exploring the story with under 5s

Under 5s love to explore stories through play so here are some ideas to help with the story of Jesus turning water into wine!

Use some glitter and water to make red and blue reflection bottles and play with red and blue ribbon streamers (blue for the water and red for the wine!)

Have some water play (ever popular!)

Play some party games and/or make some party hats to reflect the idea of the celebration of the wedding...

Play with pretend foods, cups, plates etc to add to the party feel.

Act out the story with bible story figures.

Secretly add some red food colouring to the bottom of a jug, then, with the children watching, pour a bottle of flavoured water into the jug.  They will see the water change colour as it goes into the jug!

Use food colouring to colour some water (make the colour quite strong). Give each child two sheets of absorbent kitchen roll (one on top of the other to make a double layer), then let them use droppers to make some 'wine and water' artwork!

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