Monday, 22 August 2016

6 Easy and Creative ways to respond to Bible Stories

It can be really amazing when children have the opportunity to respond to Bible stories in completely their own way, without the structure of planned crafts and questions.  I have always been blown away by the depth of what even the youngest children come up with!  Here are some easy ways to help children tell you exactly what they think and feel about a story...

1. Speech and thought bubbles

Laminate A4 or A3 speech and thought bubbles and let children write or draw what their favourite characters from the story might be thinking or saying at given points.  Use dry wipe markers for continued use and sellotape a pencil on the back so that children can hold them up to their mouths or heads and pretend to be the character!

2. Feelings cards

Think about how characters in the story might feel about events and/ or what the events of the story make the children feel.  Click here to print off the cards.  I have cut, laminated and punched holes in them to make individual feelings fans!

3. Retell the story with figures

Use dolls, wooden pegs or print off and colour in your own.  Click here to print out some figures.

4. Play dough or play dough mats

Ask children to recreate scenes using play dough.  Click here to print off play dough mats that may also help with responses to certain Bible stories.

5. Loose parts

Read here about how to use loose parts to help children respond.  I love this!

6. Junk box models

Provide a box of collage/ recycling materials and get children to make a model or something from the story that stuck out for them the most.

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