Monday, 5 September 2016

Joseph: Amazing Exploding Colour Art

Ok,  I'm going to admit that this was largely just for fun during our Joseph Themed Messy Church!

We wanted an unusual activity that would appeal to all ages and would tie in loosely with the theme.  This worked perfectly...

You can use the colour explosions to think about the various things that at first seem to go wrong in Joseph's life but then God uses for something amazing (the wonderful, crazy artwork that is produced).  There's also so much in this activity about the power of God that can't be contained. Or alternatively just use it to help create a coat of many colours!

DO THIS OUTSIDE BECAUSE THE PAINT WILL FLY!!!  This was part of our wall at the end and I won't even talk about the floor.  It was amazing fun though!

You will need: A large sheet of white paper or a sheet to paint on, paint, clear vinegar, bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), small ziplock bags (I used 2.75x4" bags as bigger sandwich sized bags produced WAY too much liquid).  We also used a Tuff Spot to contain the project as much as possible!

Fill the bag about 1 third full of vinegar and squirt a little bit of paint in.  

Seal the bag and squish the vinegar and paint until they mix.

Quickly add a heaped quarter teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and IMMEDIATELY seal the bag.  Be quick or you will be too late!

Let the bag lie on the paper and wait for the explosion of colour.  This might be quick or it might take some time...

Have fun!

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