Monday, 29 August 2016

God is with us and helps Us: Magnet Painting

This is a really effective and fun way to help children to think about God being with them, guiding and helping them, even when they can't see Him.  Be warned that it might get a bit messy!

You will need: Paper plates or sheets of paper, cupcake wrappers, paint, bar magnets, magnetic metal objects e.g. safety pins, hooks, paper clips, small cookie cutters, brings, allen keys (i have many of these thanks to IKEA!) 
 Squirt some paint into the cupcake liners and put a metal item in each colour.

 Put the paint covered item on the plate and put the bar magnet underneath the plate.  Move the magnet around and this will move the object and paint around on top!
 Create some artwork!

Think About: 
  • Times you have felt God's presence, even though you can't see Him
  • When have you known that God is with you and is helping you?
  • What would you like God to help you with?
Choose an object to represent a person you know.  Put it in the paint and use the magnet to move it around the plate. Ask God to be with that person and help them over the coming week.

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