Monday, 23 July 2018

Who is Jesus? Praise Poster

This is a lovely activity to help children to reflect on who Jesus is and to explore how they relate to him. We did it when we were exploring what praise was with 3 classes in our local infant school (ranging in age from 4-7) and each class added to the poster as we went along. I must add that this is a church school, so children do have some knowledge of Christianity as a starting point. Making the poster does involve finger paint. so have some wet wipes or hand washing facilities available!

You will need: Felt tip pens, a large sheet of paper (e.g. wallpaper backing) with 'Jesus' written on it in big letters, post it notes, finger paints

Ask children to think about what they would say if they were telling someone about their amazing friend Jesus and to write or draw it on a post it note. stick all of the post it notes onto the big poster

When they have all added to the poster share the things that people have written or drawn and invite children to add a finger print as a sign of their 'amen' or 'I agree' in celebration of who Jesus is and the amazing things he does.

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