Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Creative Bread Intercessions

I'm getting ready for an all-age service in a few weeks time, when we are going to be thinking about Jesus as the bread of life. These are the creative intercessions that we will be doing with some bread. Even though we're going to be doing these prayers as a whole congregation, they would work just as well with a smaller group of children.

You will need: Enough bread rolls to pass around your congregation or group so that everyone will be able to tear off a chunk. Have a gluten free option as well, passed round on a separate plate, for those unable to eat bread.

1. Pass around the bread and ask everyone to tear off a chunk and to hold it in their hand. Pray for those people who live in places that are torn apart by war and for families that are torn apart and separated. Pray for those people who are ill and ask for healing. Pray for those with broken relationships.

2.When everyone has a piece of bread, ask them to hold it in their hands as you pray the next section. Pray for all those who are need to know that God is with them and that they are not alone- those who have lost someone close to them, those who are lonely, those who are sad, those who are worried. 

3. Ask everyone to eat their piece of bread. Thank God for the food we have. Pray for all those who are hungry and don't have enough food to eat.  Pray for those who help to run food banks and feed the homeless. Pray that we will all be people who help those in need.

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