Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Cookie Cutter Prayers

This is a hands-on and slightly messy prayer activity that will work with all ages, including the youngest children!

You will need: Paper, paint, foil or dishes to put paint in, cookie cutters to represent things to pray about or thank God for e.g. hearts, people, animals, house, tree, flowers.

Set out paint in bowls or on foil (if you want to make this slightly less messy, use one colour of paint only!) and lay out a variety of cookie cutters.

Speak to children about the cookie cutter shapes and what kinds of prayers they might represent e.g.
  • people shapes- people they would like to thank God for or people they want to pray for
  • animals/ Flowers/ trees- thanking God for creation and/ or individual pets
  • hearts- praying for people they love
  • house- praying for the homeless or thanking God for their homes

Next, encourage children to choose one thing they would like to pray for and to dip that shape into some paint before pressing paint side down onto the paper.  They might want to say their prayer out loud or in their heads as they paint.

Let the paint dry and then hang the paper where everyone can see their prayers!

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