Friday, 14 September 2018

Giant Bubble Wrap Protection Prayers

I came across this way of creating a piece of artwork the other day and I absolutely loved it!  Although not intended for that purpose, this activity really lends itself to thinking about protection and how God can look after us. It could be used with any story that involves a theme of protection and here is a way of using the art idea as a prayer activity...

You will need: Bubble wrap with giant bubbles, fabric, felt, tissue paper, ribbon, wool, scissors or a craft knife.

Unroll and spread out the bubble wrap so that a whole group of children can gather around it. 

Before you start the craft, get an adult to cut a slit in the middle of each of the giant bubbles in the bubble wrap using scissors or a craft knife. This can be a bit fiddly, but it is worth it! Make sure that you only cut the back of each bubble, creating a pocket for the fabric to sit in.  

Ask the children to fill each bubble with fabric, wool or tissue paper, using the slit as an entrance point. 

As the bubbles fill, it will create a unique and colourful piece of artwork!  For the finished effect, turn the bubble wrap over so that the pockets are at the back.

Talk about: How does bubble wrap protect things?
What does protection mean?
How does it feel to be protected?
Who helps to protect you?
Do you help to protect anyone else?
What stories do you know where God protects people?
Has God ever protected you?

Pray: Thank God for people who protect us. As you fill each bubble, pray for God to protect a different person, group or country

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