Monday, 1 October 2018

Magnetic Letter Prayers

I got a new set of magnetic letters today so I could use them for some sensory style prayers!  Your letters don't need to be magnetic- wooden ones will do just as well. I just like the colours!

Here are two ideas to incorporate them into prayer activities which your more hands-on children might enjoy...

1. Magnetic letter flour (or sand!) prayers

You will need: A baking tray or tuff spot, sieves, spoons, flour or sand, magnetic letters

Arrange the letters into words of people or places you would like to pray for.   Use the sieve to sprinkle the flour or sand onto the words as you ask God to bless them or that situation. Take the letters away to reveal the words left behind on the sheet or tuff spot base.

2. Magnetic letter hunt prayers

You will need: a box or deep tray, shredded paper, magnetic or wooden letters

Put the shredded paper and letters into the box and mix them all up together. Children take it in turns to pull a letter out of the box.  Pray for a person, place or situation starting with that letter, or say thank you to God for something starting with that letter.

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