Friday, 20 March 2020

Moses in the Bulrushes Printable Play Dough Mat

For anyone who is looking for something to do at home this coming week, here is a playdough mat that ties in with our Mothering Sunday readings.

Just click here, print out and laminate for further use in the future! 

Think about:
What does being safe feel like?
Who keeps me safe?
Who do I help to feel safe?
Have you ever asked God to help you feel safe?

Use the play dough mat to think about people who keep you safe and say thank you to God for them.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Take Home Prayer Activity: Sorry Bubble Prayers

This is our second monthly take home prayer activity for our local primary school. After we had demonstrated the prayer activity in assembly, each child took home a small pot of bubble mixture and a prayer card to try it themselves!
To print out a sheet of the prayer card, click here.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Classroom Prayer Spaces Taster

The Church School where we did our week long prayer space in September has asked me to help with setting up prayer activities for each classroom. The idea is that an activity will stay in a class for 2 weeks and then be swapped with one from another classroom. At the end of last week we got all of the new prayer activities into the library and each class came to test them out!

Prayer board: requests pinned on one side and moved over to the other side when they have been answered

Writing letters to God

Healing prayers: Writing on plasters the names of people who need to get better 

Reflective space: with books, colouring sheets, marble mazes, reflection bottles and mermaid sequin cushions.

We will also be giving out a monthly take home prayer activity for each child. January was coin prayers!

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Praying for Protection: Armoured Oranges

This prayer activity would work really well if you are looking at the Armour of God or any story involving God's protection.

You will need: oranges or tangerines/ clementines (one for each child plus a couple of spare ones), permanent marker pens, a tall, clear jug or vase.

Peel an orange or tangerine and put it into the water. It will sink to the bottom of the jug. 

Then put an orange with the peel left on into the water. It will float. The peel is actually like armour, keeping the orange safe from sinking. 

Ask children to write or draw on their oranges things that they would like protection from in life- maybe things that scare them. Float the decorated oranges in the water as a celebration of the protection and strength God can give.