Family Lent Ideas

I'm hoping to put together a whole bank of ideas that you can use at home as a family throughout Lent.  You can find links to all the ideas here!

Lent idea 1  Count your blessings every day with the Blessings Jar

Lent idea 2  Remember that God is always with you using the God is close to us safety pins

Lent Idea 3 Look at the World Vision Lent Calendar and learn about a different child somewhere in the world each day.  Pray for them!

Lent Idea 4 Make pretzels- originally made in the shape of arms folded in prayer.  A recipe can be found here

Lent Idea 5 Say sorry to God and ask him to forgive you.  Use sorry whiteboards or a sorry bin

Lent Idea 6 Make a card and send it to one of your friends and relatives.  Before you post it, thank God for that person.

Lent Idea 7 Listen to the story of Palm Sunday and then visit  here to find crafts and colouring pages

Lent Idea 8 Be thankful! Use play dough prayers

Lent Idea 9 Think about Jesus' temptation in the wilderness and give up something you like doing or eating for 2 days.  Alternatively, do our temptation activity.

Lent Idea 10 Choose a charity to support and have everyone in the family save coppers and change for a week or longer!

Lent Idea 11 Bake some Hot Cross Buns.  Try this recipe

Lent Idea 12 Think about people you would like God to bless.  Use the paper people prayer

Lent Idea 13 Read the story of the Last supper and act it out with blackcurrant squash and pitta bread

Lent Idea 14 Print off a world map, choose a country and pray for it.  Draw a smiley face on the map to show where you have prayed for.  Or you could try world prayers

Lent Idea 15 Use the freedom bubbles prayer

Lent Idea 16 Bake resurrection cookies.  Measurements are American, but we tried these last year and they were great!

Lent Idea 17 Build a thank you tower

Lent Idea 18  Tell the resurrection story and respond by making something with items from the recycling bin or as a junk box response

Lent Idea 19 Think about who you need to forgive and try forgiveness fizz 

Lent Idea 20 Pray the Smarties prayer

Lent Idea 21 Talk about God's love for us and make a God Loves Me stained glass window

Lent Idea 22 Pray for others with the pipe cleaner prayers

Lent Idea 23 make a prayer chatterbox

Lent Idea 24 Play Easter story pass the parcel

Lent Idea 25 Speak about the hope and joy of new life and resurrection and do our creative prayer activity.
Lent Idea 26 Make a Palm Sunday Spinner

Lent Idea 27 Almsgiving 

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