Friday 7 July 2017

Button Prayers

If you are looking for an active, kinaesthetic, way of praying in a small group or even with the whole congregation, then this might be for you!

You will need: A collection of buttons of different shapes, sizes and colours- at least one button for each person praying.

Give everyone a button.

Feel the hardness of the button and think about people who are going through hard times.  Ask God to help them.

Buttons are used to fasten clothes together.  Ask God to bring together people who have fallen out and moved apart from each other.  Pray that He will bring peace.

Look at your button and see how many holes it has.  Think of that number of things you would like to say thank you to God for and say Thank you prayers.

Look at the colour of the button and say thank you to God for something that is that colour 

Find someone who has the same colour button as you.  You might want to make a small group of people with the same colour.  Say thank you to God for families.  Ask God to bless them and help them to live together and to love each other.

Find someone who has a different button to you- it could be different in shape, size or colour.  Thank God for making everyone different and giving us all different gifts.  Pray for the person you have found.  Ask Them what they would like God to help them with.

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  1. Thanks very much for this. I am going to use it at my evening service this evening. God bless you.