Thursday 11 April 2013

Beatitudes cards (explaining the Beatitudes in child friendly language!)

I had a bit of a panic this week when I realised that I would be teaching the Beatitudes this Sunday.  How do I explain 'humble', 'meek', 'righteousness' and 'merciful' to 5-7s without spending the whole session doing it?  Even the simplest Bible translations used words they weren't going to understand easily!

So I decided to make some colourful cards in child friendly language to explain what each statement meant.  I included some symbols that might help explain because a lot of the children are like me and find pictures very helpful!  I intend to use these symbols in real life form during the lesson.  None of the explanations or symbols are perfect but hopefully they will help!   
An inflatable swimming ring to symbolise relying on God's help (poor in spirit)
A sad face (mourning)
A gift (humble- people who think of others before themselves etc)
Scales (righteousness and justice)
Cross (mercy and forgiveness)
Heart (pure in heart)
Dove (peacemakers)
Handcuffed hand (persecuted)

For a printable version of the cards click here


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  2. A great help, not sure how I was going to do this. Thank you.

  3. Thanks..just starting to teach the beatitudes for my Sunday school class..I'm going to stretch it out for about four weeks..I need all the help i can get as well!! Thanks again..I will be using some of these ideas for my 2nd graders!!..God Bless..x

  4. Thanks so much. God bless you :)

  5. Thank you so much for these wonderful resources!! Very, very helpful!!!
    God Bless you!!