Friday 20 January 2017

Baptism Symbols Play Dough Mat

We have a baptism coming up where there will be a lot more children than usual in the congregation. We want to do something that will help the children to engage with what is going on, so I've come up with a play dough mat to help them explore the signs and symbols they might see being used:

A cross to represent the sign of the cross made in oil on the candidate's head
A dove to represent the Holy Spirit
A heart to represent God's love for us
Water to represent cleansing and being born to new life
Candle to represent being sent out in the light of Christ

This mat could also be used when discussing baptism symbols with children before baptism (if they are old enough!)- the pictures prompting conversation about why each symbol is important and what it means.

Click here to print off the mat.

Have fun exploring!

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