Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Harvest Lesson with 3-5s

I got my dates a little bit out of sync when I was planning the lessons this term, so we ended up with harvest a month late in Sparks!  Never mind- the children enjoyed it anyway!

We told the creation story with our new Creation story bag

After the story, children tasted some different fruits, made some print paintings with pasta,

and then chose from a selection of play activities:
Play food and 'cooking' utensils

 Books about nature and farming
play dough with animal and people cutters.

While playing, leaders had the chance to chat to the children about the story and all the things God has made in the world.

We finished with a prayer, thanking God for all the things that grow.  Each child planted some cress seeds in a cup and we asked God to help us look after the things He has given us.

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