Saturday, 15 June 2013

Paper globes: Who is God?

At the moment, I'm having a bit of a spree of finding ideas and then adapting them for use with the children!  I found this one here. This is a great thing to do with your most able crafters amongst the children.   Our 11 year olds had no problem, but the rest of us worked together to make a joint effort!

Each globe has 20 faces and I challenged the children to think of 20 different words (either as a group or individually) to describe God, each of which we would write on the faces.

The globes look beautiful when finished, especially if you have time to decorate them, and it was an interesting challenge to think of enough attributes of God to fill each face without repetition!  We're now going to hang these in the room we use on a Sunday to remind children of the amazing character of God!

Once you know how, the globes are quite easy to make...

To make the globes you will need 20 circles, each with an equilateral triangle inside it.  I've made a template sheet, which has 10 circles/ triangles on it, so if you want to use it, print out 2 sheets!  Print the sheet here.

Cut 20 circles out.
Fold along the straight lines (I prefer to fold so that the lines end up on the outside).  This will give you 20 triangles with tabs that stick up.
Glue the triangles together by the flaps so that you have two sets of 5 and a long strip of 10 as shown in the picture below. 
 Turn one set of 5 upside down...
 ...and use the tabs to glue the long strip to it.

Now add the second set of 5 to the top, again using the tabs.

If you want to do what we did, write words to describe God on each face and decorate!

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  1. Very beautiful craft which integrates into Math lesson (Geometry!) Kudos! Great Job.. Thanks..