Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fruit of the Spirit Kindness Craft: Friendship Bracelets

Yesterday, we were thinking about one of our mission partners in South Sudan and the children she works with.  We wanted to make something as a gift to show the children there that we were thinking of them: something that would somehow show a link between us.  We ended up making some friendship bracelets to send to them.

While this was a specific craft to show friendship, it opens up conversation about kindness and showing people that you care about them by doing something for them- kindness seems, after all, to be about showing care for others.  It would be a great craft if you were thinking about kindness as one of the fruit of the Spirit because it's easy and it involves connecting things together (beads, wool, pipe cleaners) to show that we are linked to other people by kind acts that we do for them or they do for us.

We made the bracelets by choosing a pipe cleaner and...

...threading Hama beads onto them in various patterns
 ...winding different coloured wool round them
 ...plaiting or winding other pipe cleaners round them

As you can see there are many variations on the theme!!

To wear the bracelets, simply wind around wrist to the desired size and then wind ends round the main part of the bracelet to make a circle shape.

If there is time and you have the resources children might be able to make one for themselves and one to give away.  That way they do something kind by giving a gift and also keep a reminder that kindness links us together with other people.

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