Friday, 6 April 2012

Messy Easter Crafts

Today we had a great Messy Easter!  Here are the crafts we put out, each reflecting part of the Easter story.

Palm Sunday
Card leaves, paper strips and self adhesive magnetic strips

Paper body shapes, peg legs and wool tails and manes

The Last Supper:
Paper plates glue, felt, wool, paper and any odds and ends!

Dolls, water and pouring equipment

Good Friday
Cardboard boxes, tape and ingenuity!
 Easter Sunday
Plastic eggs containing marbles to weigh them down, paper, blobs of paint, all in a tray and shake!

Digestives, green icing, mini doughnuts and marshmallows as the stone that rolled away...

And just for fun!
Foam eggs, stickers, tissue, ribbons,sequins etc, etc, etc!!

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