Saturday, 29 September 2012

Harvest Messy Church: Creation Story

Today we had our Harvest Messy Church and looked at the story of creation from Genesis 1.  

Here are the crafts we did...
Some of these crafts and other harvest ideas can be found on my Harvest Messy Church Pinterest Board

Day 1: Light and dark tent.  A pop up two man tent, covered in drapes to make it dark inside.  Children were then given glow sticks to take inside.  The toddlers loved this!

Day 2: Separating the waters and the sky.  Water play.
Day 3: Separating the land and the sea.  For this day we had two crafts using food and the seeds food is grown from...

Play dough seed patterns

Spaghetti painting

Day 4: Sun, moon and stars- suncatchers for windows
Day 5: Fish and birds- paper plate birds
Day 6: Animal hunt- pictures of animals hidden round church for children to find
Biscuit people
Day 7: focussing on God.  What would you like to thank Him for?

And an area for babies to play in...

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