Monday, 15 October 2012

Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness prayer station

This Sunday we will be exploring the Fruit of the Spirit through different prayer stations.  The 5-11s have been working through the fruit during our regular Sunday sessions.  So far we are up to kindness but, as this Sunday is half term, we are taking a break from the usual routine and taking a brief look at everything!

So far I have posted prayer stations for love and joy and I will post one for each of the fruit in the coming days.  Today, though, we have 'kindness'!

You will need: A jar, a collection of cards (as above with the words 'say', 'help', 'give' or 'smile' written on them), a piece of poster paper split into quarters with each word written in a separate quarter.

Take one of the cards from the jar.  Take it home and do that thing during the week. 
  • Smile at someone you know
  • help someone at home or school
  • say something nice to someone
  • give or share something with someone

Write or draw what you did on the back and then, next week, bring it and stick it on the 'Kindness' poster.

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