Sunday 20 January 2013

Thinking about the body of Christ

Using our hands we decorated a person size sheet of paper and the outline of a lifesize person...

 Then we cut the person out and stuck it onto the background!  We all contributed to the picture in the same way that we all contribute to the body of Christ.

We next discussed how we, as a church, represented the body of Christ.  To help the children to engage with the idea, we talked about the various things Christians do inside and outside of church and what body part that job might represent e.g. mouth= teaching, worship, prayer; hands= serving drinks, welcoming, helping others, making worship art.

Children then thought about what their interests, personality and talents were and which part of the body fitted best with what they could bring to the church community.  They chose a body part picture and wrote their name on it to add to the poster.  It was great to also go round and invite other people to suggest what they thought represented their friends.  A lot of insight was shared!

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