Sunday 10 March 2013

Make your own finger labyrinths with paper plates and writing paint

Some of the children really love using our finger labyrinths: click here and here to print off some paper versions.  Even though they are very useful, it's always bothered me a bit that they were only two dimensional.  I wanted something a bit more touchy-feely but still cheap, quick and easy to make.  I was wandering around Hobby Craft yesterday and an idea came to me so I tested it out and actually it works quite well!

You will need colourful paper plates (I got 8 blue ones for about £1.50)
Writing paint (£2.99).  This produces a slightly raised effect when painted on.

I chose coloured plates because I was using white paint, but white plates (much cheaper!) will work just as well if you use a coloured paint. 

First, very faintly draw the outline of a labyrinth onto the plate...
...then trace around the outline with writing paint.  When it is dry, there will be a raised surface  of paint.  I had a bit of a production line going and could probably draw labyrinths in my sleep now!  One of the children has volunteered to road test one at home and fill us in next week on how it went!

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