Monday, 8 April 2013

Feelings Prayer Game: A way to help children tell God about how they feel (with printable board)

One of the lessons we will be doing with our 3-5s this year will be about speaking to God and telling him how we feel.  It's really important that children learn that God wants us to be honest when we speak to Him and that he cares about what we feel. This game was sparked off by an idea I found in a lesson about Nehemiah in one of the Scripture Union Tiddlywinks books. Games are also a great way of getting children involved!  

This is a game to help the children explore times that make them feel happy and sad and help them, then, to tell God about them- either thanking Him or asking for help.  Just throw the dice, move around the board and, if you land on a face, tell God about that feeling!  This is especially useful for families to use at home.  Click here to print out the board. 


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