Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pentecost Spinner!

I really like spinners!!  This is the second one I've made in the last couple of months but the story of Pentecost really lends itself to spinners... First you have the sound of the wind (or the straw twizzling in your hands) and then you have the sight of the flame appearing above the disciple's head!

Print out a Spinner sheet here.

  • Cut out the big rectangle and colour in (I added some wind for good measure!)
  • Fold along the dotted line and turn face down.
  • Sellotape a straw to the middle of one side and glue all round the edges of the other side.
  • Stick the sides together to make a square with a straw stuck in the middle.

Twizzle the straw between your hands and see the flame appear above the disciple's head!

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