Monday, 24 June 2013

Jesus heals the 10 Lepers story with a change bag!

On Wednesday we have a thanksgiving service at school and my job is to tell the story.  We're going to look at the importance of remembering to say sorry by using the story of Jesus healing the 10 lepers.  As usual, the story needs to be as visual and interesting as possible.  I thought about it for quite a while and came up with various scenarios including the use of rubber gloves, but this is what I decided on in the end...

You need a chain of 10 'lepers' made from sticky backed contact paper with white sticky dots randomly stuck onto it (I happened to have red in the cupboard, but any colour will do!)

Use them to tell the beginning of the story when the group of lepers see Jesus and call out to him to have pity on them.
 Jesus sends them away to see the priests and as they go they are healed.  At this point, pull the sticky side away from the backing paper and dispose of it (leaving the paper behind as the 'healed' lepers.
Put the 'healed lepers into the change bag to show that they have 'gone'.

As you are speaking about this, flick the switch of the change bag but make sure you aren't seen!
From the now released second compartment, pull out a prepared single man shape and talk about the Samaritan who came back to thank Jesus.
Turn the change bag inside out to illustrate that none of the other lepers came back to say thank you!
As Jesus commends the Samaritan for appreciating what has happened enough to come and say thank you, turn the man shape over to reveal a gold side.  Saying thank you brought him an even greater blessing because he came into contact with the giver!

You can then build on the story to discuss how it feels when people do or do not say thank you to us and ask how God must feel...

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