Thursday 18 July 2013

Joseph story bag

I'm very excited about our Joseph story bag!

We're going to be looking at the story of Joseph over the Sundays of the summer holiday and we've been planning contents of the bag to go with each part of the story. We used things that we already had in the craft and toy boxes and made a trip to the pound shop so nothing would break the bank. Hopefully, using the bag will help the children to remember the story and to have fun at the same time!  As usual, when we have finished using it, the bag will be available for parents to borrow and use at home.


  • Story books (I got a couple of used books very cheaply on Amazon but we found that the Lion Storyteller Bible has a great retelling as well)
  • 13 craft stick people (12 named brothers and 1 Jacob- with grey hair to identify!)
  • Joseph's coat fuzzy felt
  • dustpan and brush (for when Joseph worked in Potiphar's house)
  • toy grapes/ bread (baker's and butler's dreams in prison) 
  • 2 toy cows (Pharaoh's dream)
  • 3 bags made from felt and ribbon (food bags Joseph hands out to people)
  • Egyptian headdress made from yellow felt glues onto blue felt with ribbon ties (see below)


  1. This is great! What a wonderful collection!

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to using it with the children :-)