Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Printable Parting of the Red Sea Storyteller (Exodus 14)

Here's a really visual way to tell the story of the parting of the Red Sea in Exodus 14.

Print out the Storyteller sheet by clicking here.
Cut out the large rectangle and then cut out the grey centre squares.

 Fold along the middle and stick the two squares back to back.

 Fold and stick the arrow squares on top of each other as the arrows indicate...

Now stick the second set of arrow squares on top of each other

When you have finished sticking, your storyteller will look like this.

This picture shows the Israelites on their journey through the desert.  They have just heard that the Egyptian army is coming after them to capture them and take them back to Egypt.  The only way forward is through the sea.  They are scared and angry at Moses for bringing them here and they don't know what will happen to them...

Open the storyteller up and fold back the flaps to reveal the next picture.

Moses come to God to ask Him what to do.  God tells Moses to hold out his staff over the sea, and the sea is parted (fold back to reveal next picture)

The people walk through on dry land with a wall of sea to the left and to the right (fold back and reveal next picture).

God closes the sea over the Egyptians.  The Israelites are safe.  God has shown how powerful He is and that He loves and cares for His people.

Have fun!

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