Saturday, 3 August 2013

Simple stackable storytelling characters (quick and easy to make!)

It's always a great idea to tell stories with visuals and it's even better when you can move things around! We try to give our younger children lots of opportunities to retell Bible stories using items from the story (see our story bags) but it can often be quite expensive to get hold of  'people' figures to act out the different parts.  We try to keep our costs down as much as possible so here is a cheap, easy and quick way to make some generic 'Bible story' people.

 Cut out squares of scrapbooking paper (I used 12cm x 12cm squares).
 Fold in half as shown above.  The fold line is the long line towards the bottom of the picture.
 Fold the ends of the triangle as shown above and below.

 Fold the point of the top section over the folds you have already done.  Fold the point of the bottom section INSIDE the cup so that the reverse side of the sheet can not be seen.
 Stand the cup upside down.  This is the body of your storytelling character.
Glue a head to the front of each body. 
When you have finished using the characters, fold the unglued part of the head piece over to the back and stack the cups together for easy storage!

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  1. Do you use card or felt for the heads? And do the heads stand up sufficiently when you want to use them again? I have recently purchased some glue to use in card making which is supposed to stick sufficiently but then you can take things off so I might try that sometime. thanks for the mini workshop.