Monday, 27 January 2014

Guest Post- Twist Prayer Trees

I'm so excited to introduce our first guest post from Kate at Jesus Without Language.  If you've not visited her site yet, follow the link above and check it out!  Kate's come up with this great idea for praying with pipe cleaners.  I'll let her explain it...

Hi - I'm Kate and I usually put material over on my site Jesus-Without-language. I'm a big fan of Flame Creative Kids and I'm really honoured that Mina has allowed me to guest post this creative prayer idea.

Sometimes we need to pray for big things, people in war, a natural disaster, a political situation... but sometimes big issues are just too big to grasp. This prayer activity breaks them down into nine more specific prayers. This activity is based on a fig tree - the fig tree symbolised stability and was a usual place to be found praying in Jewish traditions.

Twist Prayer trees : 
Materials : 4 or 5 pipe cleaners (chenille stems), scissors, tree template (optional).

Start with the template card if you are using it. Choose your prayer topic and write it into the lowest box on the tree trunk. 
Cut three of the pipe-cleaners into thirds, so you have 9 pieces.  Line up one end of the cut pieces and grip firmly. As you hold the bundle pray a simple prayer about your prayer topic. When you say Amen twist the bundle together for 2 cm.

Divide your prayer topic into 2 more specific areas and write into the template. Separate the bundle and taking one half pray about one of your 2 areas. Again, when you say Amen twist around for 1 cm.

Repeating this process, separating into 2 or 3 parts and twisting for 1 cm each time. Flatten the prayer tree into shape, don't worry if the branches cross.

We now have 9 things to pray about as we form the outside leaves. Do this by twisting the remaining pipe-cleaners (green in the pictures!) round the ends of the branches. Start with a double twist, move along to the next branch, leaving space and double twist again. (I'm going to use 2 so I've started a little way in.)  Repeat until you reach the end. As you go, pray for the 9 things that the ends of the branches represent.

To make the tree stand up fan out the ends of the tree trunk.

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