Friday 2 May 2014

Ascension Spiral Prayers

I found this great idea at Carrots are Orange and thought how useful it might be for an Ascension prayer activity.  

Talk about Jesus' ascension in Acts 1.  Even though he has ascended to heaven and we can not see him, he is still with us, hears us and helps us.

Draw round a CD and then draw a spiral inside it.  Think about things you would like to pray to Jesus about- help, thanks, blessings for others etc and write or draw them inside the spiral.

Cut the spiral out and thread a piece of string through the top so that you can hold the thread and the spiral will dangle down (see picture below).  

The spiral will spin slightly just by virtue of being held,  but when held over a bulb or source of heat, the spiral will spin much more because of the rising of hot air.  Even though we can't see the hot air, it is still there, rising up.  The movement of the spiral gives a 'rising' or 'ascending' visual for the written or drawn prayers and a reminder that, even though we can't see him, Jesus is always with us.

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