Monday, 12 May 2014

Play Dough Storytelling

We're on a bit of a roll with the play dough at the moment, so here's another idea for using it!

When you have told a Bible story, get the children to use play dough to make a scene from the story or to make something that illustrates the main idea they have taken away with them from what they have heard.  Let them be creative and it's amazing what they will come up with!

Alternatively, take it in turns to use the play dough to model a scene from the Bible and guess which story is being shown.  

Here are some examples...

 The Garden of Eden: This is Eve, holding an apple with an apple tree and a snake next to her.
 The last supper:  Here there are two disciples and '+ 10' written to show that there were 10 more disciples at the table!
The Crucifxion

This is a great way to find out what the children have learned and also what has spoken to them individually from what they have heard!

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