Sunday, 26 October 2014

Remembrance Sunday Reflective Play Dough Mat

I've often found Remembrance Sunday to be a day both of challenge and of opportunity when working with children: Challenge because it's vital to get a good balance between respectfully remembering those who have died and fought in war and praying for peace and opportunity because there are amazing discussions to be had!  The depth of what children perceive and offer is profound.

This year I've designed a play dough mat to help children to reflect on those 2 key areas- remembrance and peace- and have tied it in with a verse from Revelation 21 about the new Jerusalem where there is no more pain, sadness or death.  This verse is a great conversation starter to help the children think about how they could pray for the world how they could help God to bring His Kingdom.

Click here to print the sheet.  Laminate the sheet if you intend to use it more than once and the play dough will be easy to remove!


  1. Love it Mina, a beautiful idea
    Nicola xx

  2. What a great idea - I'll definitely be using this one. Thank you! xx