Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Flying Dove Peace Prayers

This is a fun and active prayer activity, using the dove as a symbol of peace.

You will need: A straw, the dove shape and paper rectangle cut out of the resource sheet (click here to print), sellotape, pens

Wrap the paper rectangle around the straw (not too tight) and then fold the top of the paper over to make a 'pocket' for the end of the straw.  Make sure that there is a little gap between the fold of the pocket and the end of the straw or your paper will stick to the straw and will not fly when the time comes!

Write or draw prayers for people or places who need God's peace on the front of the dove shape.  Turn the dove over and sellotape the paper pocket to it, as shown in the picture below.  

Turn the dove the right way round, aim it and then blow through the straw.  Watch your peace dove fly as a symbol of giving the prayers to God!

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