Thursday, 5 May 2016

Martha and Mary (Luke 10:38-42): Crafts and Activities

Today I have been challenged by requests for ideas on two stories that I haven't covered yet on this blog and so I decided I needed to get my act together!

One request was about the story of Martha and Mary- how have I managed to miss this one?!  Thanks, Peggy, for you request :-)

This story comes in Luke 10: 38-42 and involves Jesus visiting the home of the two women.  Mary sits at Jesus' feet as a listening disciple, while Martha is more concerned with the work of cooking and cleaning.  Martha always seems to come off worse in interpretations of this story, but this is because her focus is off.  Hospitality and serving others, as Martha is doing, is not, in itself, wrong, but Martha is distracted by worries that are taking her focus in hospitality away from Jesus.  I do like Martha because I realise that I act like her quite a lot!

Here are some ways to help children to explore themes in the story:

Taking time to focus on Jesus:

Make or use finger labyrinths

Reflection bottles

Make a sacred space: Use cushions, lights, drapes and even a pop up tent!

Reflective colouring sheets

Reflective painting

Hospitality/Ways of serving others with the focus on Jesus (showing something of his love)

Random Acts of Kindness and generosity

Kindness Prayer station

 Have fun!

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